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About us

Two brothers. Many geckos.

It’s no surprise that Gecko Bros started out of a life-long passion for animals and reptiles.  After owning everything from water dragons to sugar gliders, as adults the founders of Gecko Bros (yes, they really are brothers) both agreed that crested geckos make the best, low-maintenance pets ever. 

With all of the awesome variety of colors, traits, and morphs that have been appearing in the Crested Gecko community over the past decade, the company decided to become best in the trade and create their own exclusive lines and designer morphs. More than that, they have also aimed to create a community amongst like-minded reptile hobbyists with their Gecko Swag and other merchandise. What separates Gecko Bros from other vendors is in the details;  professionalism, customer service, quality control, and product guarantees.  

The team now takes great pride in their selective breeding programs where they strive to produce the most ridiculously, ridiculously good-looking crested geckos available.   As responsible reptile owners themselves, the Gecko Bros promise is to provide some of the healthiest, best looking reptiles on the Internet along with free shipping and the best health guarantee available.  

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