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Payment Terms

All prices are in $USD. We accept all major credit cards, cashiers checks, money orders, and personal checks. Checks and money orders should be made out to Gecko Bros LLC and mailed to: 11085 Bristol Bay Dr. Unit 1112, Bradenton, FL 34209. All orders must be cleared and paid in full prior to shipping. Deposits or payment plans are not offered at this time. Florida residents are subject to sales tax, which will be automatically calculated upon checkout.

Shipping Terms

Gecko Bros has membership accounts with ShipYourReptiles, ReptilesExpress, and Reptiles2You for shipments of live reptiles. All animals are shipped priority overnight and adhere to strict live reptile shipping standards. Reptiles are only shipped Mondays through Wednesdays in order to ensure overnight delivery. For the safety of the animals being shipped, we reserve the right to hold off on all shipments until weather conditions at shipping origin and destination are both favorable; shipment will not be fulfilled until temperatures are between 38°F and 92°F.  If necessary, we may include Phase 22 Cryopaks along with live reptile shipments to help regulate temperatures inside packages. All products other than live reptiles are shipped Monday through Friday via USPS regardless of weather conditions.

Returns & Refunds

We take great pride in 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with your product you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. We’ve outlined the following guidelines to help make your return a smooth and seamless experience:

  • Item must be in original packaging and in unused condition.
  • It is recommended that you e-mail us a tracking number immediately after shipment as Gecko Bros is not responsible for packages that are lost in transit without proof of tracking.
  • For live animal returns, you must follow safe live animal shipping standards and guarantee overnight delivery; we will not provide refunds on live animals that are shipped with 2 or more days transit time.
  • If returned items do not meet our requirements, they will be sent back to the customer at their expense.
  • Customer is financially responsible for all returns.

Health Guarantee

We understand that most customers have reservations about buying live animals on the Internet, so we have decided to remove all the risk. Gecko Bros is proud to offer customers an industry-leading 45-day health guarantee.

While most breeders will only guarantee live delivery or insure their reptiles for seven days (give or take), we want to give you one and a half months. There is no reason to be nervous about your online purchase, and we want to make sure of it.

Our health guarantee policy is not just about putting the customer first, it is also testament to our confidence in the health and quality of our animals. You will not find any hatchlings for sale on our website - we spend a lot of time and effort raising and growing our reptiles until they have healthy weights and appetites. Crested geckos are known to live for up to 20 years…and we want to keep it that way.

The fine print:

In the rare and unfortunate event that your reptile does not live past the 45-day guarantee, your case may be subject to an in-depth investigation by one of our representatives. Health guarantees are considered void if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Customer fails to provide original health guarantee documentation that was included with their order

  • Customer is unable to provide adequate proof of death

  • Customer did not follow recommended gecko care instructions as detailed in our information center, which includes but is not limited to: diet and nutrition, housing, humidity, and temperature

  • Cause of death is not health-related (i.e. overheating, dropping, crushing, etc.)

  • Animal was not quarantined for first 30 days, or was kept with other animals of same or different species

  • Customer failed to provide preliminary notice of diminishing health

Note: Gecko Bros does not insure against tail drop. Most crested geckos found in the wild are tailless, and having no tail will have no adverse effect on the health of the animal.

If your case is approved, you agree to allow us to send a replacement crested gecko of equal or better physical appearance. If supply is limited, we can either 1) offer a replacement reptile in conjunction with a partial refund or 2) credit your account for the original purchase amount. We do not offer cash refunds on any purchases.